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Zenos E10

In 2013, Titan were approached by Zenos cars to assist in the design and manufacture of components for their performance car project, the Zenos E10.

The Zenos E10 is the brainchild of former Caterham executives Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards. The open-top car features a hybrid carbon/aluminium monocoque, a mid-mounted 200 BHP Ford GDI engine and double wishbone suspension front and rear. Top speed is a projected 135 mph and 0-60mph should be achieved in 4.5 seconds. 

As the ethos of the Zenos E10 is all about driving excellence, Zenos opted to go for a bespoke upright rather than relying on a standard donor part as is the norm. Although this created an additional challenge, this was expertly met, as Zenos Co-Founder Mark Edwards explains:
“To create the right solution for the E10, we set up a three way relationship between Zenos, Multimatic and Titan. Once Multimatic had provided the analytics, Titan did an excellent job to design, production engineer and manufacture the right package to achieve all the required performance goals.”

Similarly, the steering rack could have been a significant challenge; the Zenos E10 has a less-then-usual steering arrangement, but Titan managed to deliver a bespoke and optimum solution, utilising their modular approach to the steering rack design.
Mark comments. “What makes working with Titan especially effective, is that they will always look to provide the optimum solution for the complete package, rather than just working on “their” component in isolation. It makes it all a lot easier.”

The ability of Titan to engineer with the complete solution in mind was key to Titan being chosen as a project partner. “Titan have a long history of working on complete vehicles, and so with each project they work on, they have a deep appreciation for the knock-on effects on other systems, as well as how the design of one component impacts on the performance and packaging of another.” 

Titan’s relationship with Mark is a long-standing one; Mark first started working when he was at Lotus, and continued the relationship while at Caterham cars. When Mark started work on the Zenos E10 he had no hesitation to turn to Titan once more. “Over the years, we have done a lot of work with Titan“ Mark states. “They provide excellent quality and service, and they offer exceptional capabilities in both design and manufacture, and so we are very happy to continue to work with them. Even if they are not necessarily the cheapest on piece-price, their quality ensures that you have greatly reduced downstream warranty costs, so overall, Titan works out much more cost effective.”

But it is not just the cost aspect that sets Titan apart according to Mark; “one of the reasons why I have been working with Titan throughout the years is the fact that they offer a blue-chip service, even if you are not a blue-chip company. Their relationship management coupled with their engineering capability and the quality of their products make Titan the obvious choice for us.”

Production of the Zenos E10 will start at the end of 2014 with customer deliveries starting early 2015. More information on the Zenos E10 can be found at www.zenoscars.com.

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