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Jail Break 2019

Jail Break 2019

A motley group of six attempted to break out of the St Neots Museum's Jail on Friday evening. 
We had been thrown into the cells for appealing against conscription and were trying to escape before going up against the infamous Lord Sandwich (a well known badass). 

We had three rooms to solve and an hour to do it in, would we escape or would we get locked in and shipped off to the war? 

We got out of the prison cell very quickly and out of the corridor within 15 minutes. 2 rooms down and one to go. The final room had a set of six locks to find keys for
to be able to free the main door key. There were two ways to solve the clues in the final room: a) find the clues and solve them in order or b) just scatter and see what you could find. 
We opted for b which actually worked pretty well other than for 2 of the keys - but I wont spoil the surprise in case anyone is going this weekend to do it. 

After 25 minutes and 2 seconds we ESCAPED! No war for us!!

We weren't the fastest but were 7th out of 150 teams which the Escape Room people were pretty surprised by as the faster times were people who had done the rooms before. We then 
retired to the local hostelry over the road to congratulate ourselves with a pint!

Well done Titan!

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